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Photos from the Freedom Award Dinner
Thank you to photographer John Pleva!

Biannually, since the 1990's, the American Nationalities Movement has held its Freedom Award Celebrations.  For her work with the east European peoples of Ohio, our founder and chair of the Eastern European Congress of Ohio, Laurel A. Tombazzi, received the prestigious Freedom Award at their July 2023 dinner. In addition, for her work among the Hungarian communities of Ohio, Andrea Meszaros received the Freedom Award along with OH Representative Tom Patton, OH District #17.  OH Senator Patton in 2015, obtained the designation with the OH Congress to declare April as "Eastern European Month" for Ohio.  

Congratulations to Tombazzi, Meszaros and Patton

July 2023 Freedom Award Recipients

Freedom Award Winners

(Left to right) The Honorable Ralph J. Perk, Jr (President of the American Nationalities Movement) , Laurel A. Tombazzi, Irene Morrow (former President of the American Nationalities Movement), Andrea Meszaros, OH Representative Tom Patton

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