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ACT NOW: Create an Eastern European Commission for Ohio

Urge your Ohio House Representative to vote for OH SB 46, creating an Eastern European Commission for Ohio and an Office of Eastern European Affairs for Ohio.

Click here to have your voice heard. 

Additionally, we request you please call Senator Yuko (614-466-4583) and Senator Rulli (614-466-8285) with the following statement: I am calling you to ask that you move Senate Bill 46 forward in providing the necessary Introductory Testimony in front of the OH House Government Oversight Committee. I am frustrated that as of this date, no Introductory Testimony has taken place. With over one million Ohio residents of east European ancestry, this bill is extremely important to us. When will you be able to provide your testimony? Thank you" 


The Eastern European Congress of Ohio (EECOH) culturally unites the people of Ohio whose ancestry and heritage are from Eastern Europe. It fosters discussions and events through bipartisanship to advance Ohio's Eastern European awareness, economic development, and education.

As Eastern Europeans represent 1.1 million in Ohio, we desire to have meaningful dialogue with government leaders to discuss our agenda as other groups in Ohio. We also want to play a key role in the constituency of Ohio.

By unifying Eastern Europeans, the EECOH can retain its population base, attract people to live in Ohio and expand its valuable resources within each Ohioan.

Eastern European Month


The month of April is designated as "Eastern European Month." The people of Ohio are called upon to observe this month with appropriate educational opportunities, ceremonies, and activities. In honor of Eastern European month we host the annual Eastern European Month Celebration Dinner. 


Laurel Tombazzi, (left) Chair of the Eastern European Congress of Ohio presents a check to Bishop Milan Lach, SJ, (right) Bishop of the Eparchy of Parma, at the 2022 Celebration Dinner. Save the date for the 2023 Celebration Dinner: Saturday, April 22, 2023 at the Sachsenheim Hall in Cleveland.